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Wanderlust Flocation Jogjakarta

I’m a bad blogger, smh. Sorry not to sorry, because I cancelled to blog for rational reason. Now I’m excited to post this thing because I’m really happy, and It’s my birthday, and I won’t post anything about my birthday… because that’s not this blog for. Well I have essay deadline about European politic tomorrow, but whatever. My brain is still not working for that kind of thing.
Ok let’s start!

I just do a flocation (again) in Jogjakarta. Bored? NO WAY. Let me tell you, if you want to go somewhere, but you don’t know where to go, the answer is Jogjakarta. Why? Because I’ve visited Jogjakarta every year since I was 6th, and I’m still surprised. This time I stayed in Jogjakarta for 3 days, and I just spent around IDR150k. So you can call this visit as #brokation. Yes, I’m on the #brokegirls squad. Well… IDR150k is less than $15, may be. If you ask me with “how come?”, please relax and read.

This flocation is started when I reached some of my friends in Jogja by phone a week before I go. I asked them about homestay, and I decided to stay on one of my friend’s dorm. He’s out of town at that time, but luckily he left the key. So, why not! Then I just go to Jogja!

I arrived around 2a.m. in Tugu station. Oh God, dust everywhere! Why? Because there’s renovation everywhere every corner. One of my friend promised to pick me up there, so I just waited. It’s quite dead at that time. Just some taxi driver hanging around. They didn’t so excited to ask me for taking the taxi because may be they knew I have no money. Let’s skip some parts and go directly to the morning. My friends at the dorm are on their last assignment week, so actually I can’t force them to drive me every where. But again, omfg I feel so lucky lol, they offered for accompanying me to some places. And again, why not!

Walking around Malioboro. So cliché but trust me, you should do this kind of shit everytime you go here. My friend left me alone in Malioboro because he should meet his lecturer on time. It’s not a problem for me because as you know, I often do a lone vacation. Malioboro’s so crowd and so calm at the same time. Lots of artworks spread randomly along the road. There’s no transportation parked along the street. Sun shine. Not blazing. Not cloudy. It’s perfect. I dropped by to some shops, and accidentally I found a new place called Den Baguse. You should try to visit this store because you can find various classic souvenir. It sells some dope pop art such as shirts, note book, tote bag, and etc.
Almost noon, I bumped into my another friend. He’s willing to accompany me for searching Pulau Cemeti or Cemeti Island. For God’s sake, we spent almost 3 hours to finally found it. Geronimo! Well, I won’t tell you. No way! The searching process is really fun, and I don’t want you skipping it. After break a while I went to ArtJog9.
Le skull wanna cross the street in Malioboro

here you are, Cemeti Island

It’s on Jogjakarta National Museum. Yes, I’m all alone because my friend should back to prepare for tomorrow’s test. Believe me or not, you better alone or with your friend –remember, just one friend- for going to art exhibition. That’s the key to enjoy the art. You still can take selfie, but you won’t be bothered by other’s selfie. You still can read the art catalogue, and walk and longue. This ninth ArtJog is quite disappointing. There’s no emerging artist as usual. The theme’s Universal Influence, but there’re some art that I think don’t fit with it. Here are some of my favorites artworks, and as usual there’s Garin in between.

Acrylic and offset ink on MDF cut by Mohamad Yusuf (Ucup)

ma fav shit

Resin,video projection under the title Dali's Tear by Garin Nugroho

Finished from ArtJog, I was picked up by my another friend and he took me to some #AADC 2 café. Ok guys, remember this. You don’t need to join any travel package, because it’s not worthy. Nowadays there’s technology called google maps and a lot of transportation around. Well, some of those AADC2 places are dope, except the sate klathak. I don’t recommend it, because it’s not special, too small portion, and not special, and too small portion. Better you try Sate Klathak Pak Pong.

The second day, my another another friend picked me up and took me to some art spaces. We talked a lot about shits, and had a great coffee on some place in a round.
Tantrum by Restu Ratnaningtyas on Kedai Kebun

that thing on the window is creepy enough tho

Le Kebun Bibi: books, coffee, art

Here is the owner, and he's a heartwarming person

Sellie Coffee #AADC2. Ok it's so mainstream but whatever

here another mainstream place, Tempo Gelato. I tried Raspberry and Kemangi falvour. it's DOPE

You should take one of contemporary art map of Jogjakarta, and try some of those places. I don’t know why but I’m so into art, even I’m not art student, but… well… I don’t have a clue either… I just love it. Oh! I do nothing on the third day. Nothing means just hanging around and find random things unforgettably.

by the way, please kindly check my instagram on @suryalaili for more feeds about this flocation, and other brokation ofcourse. ciao!

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laili umdatul khoirurosida mengatakan...

Really ? 150k ?
Amazing murah banget

Btw nggatheli sama jancuk, lucu wkwkkw

Claudia Novreica Sutrisno mengatakan...

Yogyakarta will be regarded as cliché thanks to AADC 2,
but it's always been a place I'm going back to. ^^
Nice post, salam kenal yah!

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