Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2015

City That Rocked

“Wow… now…”  

That’s my favorite sentence of Mark on The Boat That Rocked film. Like he said, we don’t need to talk much about music. It’s a subjective thing for feeling, not just for listening.

Well, last month I got several music events to report. Usual activities such as calling, attending, interviewing, capturing, and writing. The unusual one was enjoying! I love coming to any festival, exhibition, and ofcourse music-gig.

These two micro music-gigs have different kind of theme. The one, An Intimacy, is grooving with electro music and boiler room concept, then the other one is coming with various genre of music in a party yacht atmosphere.

So talking about boiler room, it’s actually a name of a music & entertainment industry. Blaise Bellville, the founder of Boiler Room, created an intimate music event that just attended by invited people on private places. People who weren’t invited could watch the live streaming through the website and youtube. The musicians aren’t on the stage anyway. They perform in a same floor with the audience. The great part is audience stand behind the performer, so they can see directly (and ofcourse clearly) what their favorite artist doing is. By the way you can check all these boiler room stuff on Boiler Room – The Home of Underground Music.

When this event give me a cross – stitching – loop – reverb – electro thingy, the next event give me a ballad – clanking – cadence thingy. The main performer’s Yura. Glad to know that this talented song writer and singer is an alumni of my faculty. She’s not so sticking on one genre anyway. But when you listen to her, I’m sure you’ll feel the circus atmosphere with vintage, cheerful, and colorful things all around.

Here is some of my works. These amazing kind of music make me cockier that Bandung is an artwork of it’s Creator. So, you listen to music, or… you feel it?!

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