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The Art of Prologue by

Are you a fast runner?
Are you great for staying awake?
No? really?
It’s OK then, because at college, you’ll learn how to run fast, how to be hunger-proof, and how to be a nocturnal. CMIIW. Yes, I'll start this first morning talking about college life, because it's holiday already. just in case you forget how to be a student in real. this blog will be full of story behind my coverage next.

Before I continue, lemme show you some of my work that makes me paid. Sorry not to sorry about no caption.

Well, back to college talk, it’s definitely wrong if you say college students have great power. They don’t.

Just like Tsugumi Ohba ever wrote on Death Note Vol.4, that college is fun as long as you don’t die.

For me –based on my field of experience and my frame of reference- we just have creativity. Yeah. Especially a creativity for finding a way to learn.

I repeat, my default weapon in college is just creativity. I can’t get what I wanna learn from my lecturer, not even at class. I don’t know about other majors, but I do really know about mine –journalism study-.

So, I’m sure that you think I learn about how to write news, how to interview people, how to run, how to fight with deadline, how to keep awake till midnight, and etc. Yep! If you think so, you right… but I don’t get in on my desk. Not really get it.

My teachers never teach about all of it ever.  So what do they do? They just give the basic rule, and not the way how to stay in the basic rule. Beside that, well, they teach me –and my friends- about how to be open mind and sensitive person, the end.

Oh, they always ask too, like… “Are you sure wanna be a journalist?”, “Being a journalist huh? Really?”

Well, that’s true. It’s like…If I’m a journalist, I should be an idealist, but I need to be capitalist in a same time. At college, what we usually do is discussing. If I didn’t read newspaper, or watching television, I’ll be the one who sit in silence at class. The one thing we do at class is discussing the last or the hottest issue such as artist’ gossip, coming up films, music, fashion, and etc. Farther, the teacher ask to discuss a super-random-undefined issue from politic or economic desk . That’s so torturing for hours.

That’s why, communication science students always up to date. Uhm… not really truly.

No Text Book

Then, where do I learn about how to write news, how to interview people, how to run, how to fight with deadline, how to keep awake till midnight, and etc? It’s on the field. It’s kinda learning by doing. I go to new places, I meet new faces, and I enter various space.

It’s totally a joy when my teacher cancels my 8 a.m. class, but it’s a nightmare when my informant cancels the interview schedule. Yes, I meet lots artist, but come on! It’s not about the person, but the story behind.

Chuck Palahniuk ever wrote in Invisible Monsters, that if you tell folks you’re a college student, folks are so impressed. You can be a student in anything and not have to know anything.

Now, it’s not about impressing somebody. My daily talks about how far the story can impress me. I need to be focus and paying attention to all little things that can increase the news value. I should become a listener and a researcher at the same time. I need to be the public, I need to be a reader, and I need to be so objective as hell.

It seems that I’m writing too far. If I may give suggestion…
“Don’t try to remember text book. Just, try to make questions about it.”

oh! You need to earn money too. no need to work. just earn money. well I do need money cause I'm on my highest level as a greedy student. that's why I get paid. creativity works so well.

amazing story of people and places I've ever met

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