Kamis, 25 Juni 2015

Forte For Sure

When did the last time you listen to classic music? Or… when did the last time you hear it?

May be you hear it when you play game online. Well if you often listen to it, that’s great. People commonly love pop or any mainstream songs on billboard chart. Don’t be common, that’s not fun at all.

Well, last time, I had to make story about a festival named FORTE. It’s held by ITB Student Orchestra annually. So if you’ve missed it this year, you can save your date on April next year. It used to be a concert before. The committee change it, because nowadays people love going to festival more than attending classic music concert.
bazaar of Forte at basketball field Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
They want to prove that classic music is not an old fashion thingy. There’re two venue at the festival. First is bazaar, and the second is for the concert. Let’s say… I have no idea about any classic song. But trust me, I enjoyed the concert. Before it’s too far, sorry for no stage photo of the concert. Some reasons hold me to keep it.
the rehearsal before chamber concert session of Forte at Aula Barat ITB
Back to story, they gave great performance of playing various background music of famous games like The Sims and Final Fantasy VIII. They played various soundtrack of famous films too. My favorite song from the whole concert is Spain by Chick Korea. It’s the only original classic song that I know for a couple years ago. It’s famous enough because many of jazz artist cover it. One of them –you know it may be- is Al Jerrau with his song I can Recall.

Besides great songs, I met a great person to interview. He’s Jubing Kristianto, an Indonesia solo acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. He ever worked as a journalist before. May be that’s why his answers are very neat. He offered me a cup of hot cappuccino too. I refused it because I already had enough coffee for today We had a great talk after interview about music, college, journalism thingy, and of course about both of us. For Jubing’s fans out there, they choose the right person.
me and Jubing Kristianto during the interview

Oh! by the way… I was almost late going for interviewing Jubing Kristianto that day. Why? Because I met my classmate and her high school bestfriend. They’re talkative. That’s good for some reason for sure. So, you can say I got new friend that day.

We had a little chat, and little bit longer chat further at a great coffee bar on town. It’s GENERAL.CO at The Trik Park – Paskal Hypersquare, Jl. Pasirkaliki no. 25-27, Bandung, West Java. It’s under TSVC Establishment label. This label quite popular with their vintage interior. This café is just awesome with their full outdoor section. And of course I choose to sit there because it’s not a rainy day outside.

The atmosphere is so cozy and relaxing. I have my frozen crème brulee, and it’s not over sweet at all, it’s just awesome. Even coffee lover needs to taste flavored coffee, doesn’t it. I wanna order piccolo latte, but the frozen crème brulle seems right to try. Oh, it’s a right place for taking pictures anyway.

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